Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yippee!!!  Midge here, reporting in for duty as featured designer today!!!  Gosh, I thought when the kids got back in school I would have time to craft.  Heh, was I wrong.  Fingers crossed, I will start having more "me" time next week!  For today's project I used the the stamp set "Kings Birthday"!  You can find this set and all of the Queen's wonderful Royal Goodies at the Royal Castle Shoppe.  Make sure to go and check it out!  Here is a pic of the stamp set I used
The stamps are all so handy and versatile!  The project I did doesn't necessarily need to be used as a birthday gift.  I am going to use it just to brighten my sweet friends day. :)   I filled this cute pail with gumballs.    "Jackpot"  I just happened to have some mini cupcake liners in the exact same colors as the gumballs.  I cut one liner and used a "Gluber" (PS, I LOVE these things) to make the flower on the front.  Then I folded and stacked 9 more liners to make the big flower on top of the pail.  I added the perfect royal sentiment, topped it off with a little trim and Waa La...A quick and easy treat for someone special!
This is a close up of the flower on the top.  You can really fold and stack just as many liners as you want.  Depending on how full you want your flower.  Liners are good for some many different uses and come in so many fun colors and patterns now!
It's hard to get a good shot!  I am sure you get the drift.  Well I am off for now.   I hope you enjoyed today's project!  Craft On  :)

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